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The idea of this site was to maintain a list of significant apps that worked, apps that worked for some people, and apps that were completely dead.

The list depended on reports from the community, but since there's not much of a community left, reports are rare. Consider the list archived and unreliable.

That being said, if you still want to report on an app's status, I will add it to the appropriate list. Please report any changes to the Working and Dead Apps thread at CrackBerry.

Posting Guidelines

Note: paid apps are no longer be available from BlackBerry World (since April 1, 2018). BlackBerry World will shut down at the end of 2019. I will be moving all working apps without OTA links to a separate list in the near future.

Working Apps

App Store


Messengers / Communication


RSS Readers

News and Search Apps

Social Media

Forum Readers


Audio Books

Music / Radio


Photo Editing

Maps and Travel



Account Management


Cloud Storage

Cloud Synchronization (Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Memos)


Java Midlets

*requires an active BIS subscription. †may require an active BIS subscription to use over cellular data, but in some cases, there are workarounds. If you can't get BIS, see this post.

BBW = Available from BlackBerry World

OTA = Available from a third-party website. All the regular cautions about downloading apps from unknown sources apply. If you make use of OTA apps, remember that you are choosing to take the risk.

Remember that some apps, like streaming music services, will only be available in certain regions.

Apps that May Work (Report on Your Experience)

Dead Apps

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