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BlackBerry Bold without BIS: MMS (Basic)

A Simple MMS Workaround

The absence of MMS (multimedia) messaging can be annoying for those of us without BIS.

One alternative is to send pictures via regular email attachments using Logicmail.

If you just HAVE to send an MMS, there may be a workaround. You can use email-to-text for MMS messages. Some cell carriers will let you send SMS or MMS messages to their users via email. For example, if you want to send an MMS picture message to a number at Telus Canada, you open LogicMail, and write an email with a picture attachment to [10digitnumber] The recipient can respond, and it will show up in your email.

If someone wants to send you a picture message, instruct them to enter your email address in their text message client's "To:" field. You'll get the message in LogicMail.

What I've done is go through my contacts, and entered [10digitnumber]@their_carrier_message_address, so that I can email them a multimedia message easily from LogicMail. It's obviously not perfect, but better than nothing.

I'm not sure that all of these work for MMS (some may be SMS only), but here are some addresses for Canada:

[10digitnumber] (Bell and Solo)
[10digitnumber] or [10digitnumber]
[10digitnumber] (Telus) << definitely works for MMS in 2019
[10digitnumber] (Koodo) << definitely works for MMS in 2019
[10digitnumber] (Public Mobile) << definitely works for MMS in 2019
[10digitnumber] (Virgin Mobile)
[10digitnumber] (PC Mobile)
[10digitnumber] and [10digitnumber]
[10digitnumber] (MTS Allstream Inc./ Manitoba Telecom Services Inc.)

Ultimately, you'll have to search and experiment to see what works for you. Here is a link for similar addresses worldwide, but the best approach is to search the carriers' websites and support forums.

Writing MMS Service Books

A how-to for the technically inclined is posted here.

Writing service books is difficult and involves a great deal of experimentation. Be prepared to fail repeatedly!