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BlackBerry Bold without BIS: LogicMail

Be aware that the Bold supports TLS version 1.0, which is three revisions behind the current standard in 2020. As a result, LogicMail should be considered insecure. Use it at your own risk.

Here are the settings to get LogicMail working with email, with (outdated) TLS:

IMAP server:
Use secure connection: TLS
Port: 143

SMTP server:
Use secure connection: TLS
Port: 587
Authentication: Login

Similar settings did not work for Gmail. However, you can set up a workaround as follows:

1. Sign up for an (or hotmail,, etc.) account. In subsequent steps you will forward your Gmail to this account, and Logicmail will retrieve incoming emails from it.

Use the same identity information as you use with your Gmail account.

2. Set your Gmail account to forward all mail to the account set up in step 1.

Log in to your Gmail account. Click the gear icon on the top right of the screen, choose settings, select Forwarding and POP/IMAP, choose "Add a forwarding address" and enter the address of the account created in step 1. While you're on that screen, you should enable IMAP access so that you can access the account with third-party clients like Logicmail (You're only going to use the SMTP server, but you probably need IMAP access turned on to do that).

3. In LogicMail, press the BlackBerry button to enter “configuration.” Hover over the accounts section, press the BlackBerry button, and choose the new account wizard.

Enter your identity information on the first screen. Use the email address that you created in step 1 and choose IMAP. Press “Next.”

Enter the IMAP settings for the account created in step 1. Press “Next.”

Enter the SMTP settings for your Gmail account (currently: | TLS | Port 587 | Login). Press “Next.” (Note: you may need to generate an "Application Specific Password" in order for Logicmail to log into your Gmail smtp server. Here are some instructions:

Make any changes you would like to make on the Miscellaneous screen. “Refresh frequency” determines how often LogicMail will poll the server for email. If you set it to "Never," it should maintain an active IMAP connection (with "push" style behaviour), but it tends to disconnect when you switch wifi/data connections, so you may want to set a polling interval instead, which should re-initiate the connection. With respect to the other options on the Miscellaneous screen, consider whether you want the app to start automatically on boot, and whether you want it to refresh on startup. Press “Next.”

Make any changes you need to make on the Connection Settings page (probably none, as the defaults seem to work). Press “Next.”

Press “Test Configuration.” If your information has been entered correctly, both tests should be successful. If one fails, go back and check over your settings.

I used this workaround for various accounts for a few years (but no longer do, owing to the security concerns mentioned above). No one will ever know that their emails were forwarded to the account. Your emails will go out from the Gmail SMTP server using the Gmail address, and thus replies to those emails always go to your Gmail account, and from there they will be forwarded to the account created in step 1. It works perfectly, and by doing this, you can keep your existing address(es).

Tip: if your cell provider has an email-to-mms gateway, you can set your email to forward to your address at that gateway, with the result that you will receive a text message whenever an email arrives. You can also send emails by entering the recipient's email address in the "to:" field in the texting application. On the downside, if your plan does not include mms messages, doing this will trigger mms charges.